New German headquarters of Novo Nordisk celebrates topping-out ceremony at Kisselberg Innovation Park

Photo: J. Molitor Immobilien GmbH

And we were there. Our Managing Director Tina Badrot was one of the speakers and explained the various sustainability aspects of the building. These were then presented in an exhibition, both visually and to the touch: SmartTOM energy monitoring, electric vehicle facilities, photovoltaics and green roofs with rainwater harvesting, concrete core activation, cold district heating, wood fibre insulation and a scale replica of the timber bridge, which will be one of the many highlights of this property. Daniel Duch from Holzbau Ammann, part of our group of companies, is not only building the high-quality timber structure, but also held the address today!

From summer 2023, the modern working environments will offer some 250 employees space for cross-functional exchange, inspiration and creative ideas. After 65 years, the Danish pharmaceutical company is moving from Lerchenberg to this up-and-coming biotechnology and life sciences hub, making it one of the pioneers in the further development of the location at the entrance to Mainz.