Kisselberg Innovation Park: Handover of keys for the new health department building

Photo: Kreisverwaltung Mainz-Bingen

A large key made of pretzel dough symbolises an important milestone for the Kisselberg Innovation Park at the entrance to Mainz: Molitor Managing Directors Tina Badrot, F. Albrecht Graf von Pfeil and Christian Schupp, along with Ralf Sadowski and Franz von Ditfurth from project partner Mainzer Aufbaugesellschaft mbH, handed over the key for the new health department building to District Administrator Dorothea Schäfer.

‘This brings us close to the end of a long journey,’ explains Schäfer. She reminds us of the story: before the district was able to buy the building in the immediate vicinity of the Europeakreisel roundabout at the end of last year, several years had been spent searching for a new property. ‘That’s all behind us now. The team at the public health department can now enjoy state-of-the-art offices, consulting rooms and laboratories.’

This is a view echoed by the councillor responsible for the health department, Erwin Malkmus: ‘The new building fully meets the requirements of a modern healthcare service, which we offer both for the Mainz–Bingen district and for the city of Mainz.’ District councillor Steffen Wolf, responsible for building management, added: ‘This means that we now have a state-of-the-art workplace that is ideally equipped in terms of ambient conditions.’

Molitor Managing Director Tina Badrot underlined the importance of the new health department building for the further development of the site: ‘The public health department is paving the way for the new life science location at the entrance to Mainz. Just a pedestrian bridge away, Molitor is working with partners to develop Mainz Innovation Park with laboratory and office buildings. We would like to thank the district and our partner Mainzer Aufbaugesellschaft for their quick, targeted and professional cooperation at the new health department.’

The fixtures and fittings are already in place, with the district’s IT department currently still busy with the cabling. More than 100 employees from Langgasse in Mainz and Kreuzhof in Nieder-Olm are scheduled to move to the new site after Easter, which will take a few days. The Kisselberg location, which boasts outstanding transport connections by both bus and tram, as well as by motorway and Saarstrasse, will then go into operation. There are also 40 parking spaces available.